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Why Neurooperations is The Right Choice For You

  • Our Head Neurosurgeon Dr Neophytos practiced neurosurgery for over 20 years in Austria where he developed vast experience in minimally invasive cranial and spinal procedures. Dr Neophytos is a professional with a vision who continually masters new technologies and techniques which can improve patient outcome.
  • Dr Neophytos is highly experienced in artificial disc replacement and has performed many procedures with multiple levels of disc replacement. He has participated in one of the biggest protocols performed worldwide. 
  • We are at our patient’s destination and we closely monitor the levels of service of our chosen service providers.
  • Contrary to many competitors, we have preferred to use the services of  with highly accredited professionals and enterprises each of whom are individually qualified to offer excellent facilities and services as opposed to developing our own infrastructure, the correct and qualified maintenance of which would inevitably increase the costs for our patients.
  • We believe that every case has factors unique to each specific patient, and therefore thorough evaluation must be done in order to suggest the best possible solution for the patient.
  • Neurosurgery involves specialized procedures and for us correct follow up after the procedure is almost equally important to success. Therefore we prefer to be in touch with our patient’s private doctor before and after the procedure to ensure optimal outcome for our patients.
  • Cyprus combines the uniqueness of the Mediterranean with the sophistication of Europe, offering a safe, easily accessible  destination with  advanced infrastructure which is particularly attractive for foreigners as English is widely spoken.
  • We have a dedicated support team with both  medical and tourism background to ensure that the patient’s needs are handled professionally.
  • Cyprus is a member of the European Union therefore our surgeons have access to all CE marked implants and devices, which encompass a selection of the highest worldwide technology available.
  • Value for money- we research services offered to ensure optimal value for money spent.